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Top 30 Manga of all time

Inescapable phenomenon of the Japanese culture, the manga seduces more and more otakus all over the world. With a meteoric rise in the number of sales in France and the USA, Japanese comics are beating all records. 🏆

Among the most revered manga, some have particularly made history. Here is the top 30 best manga of all time, to be read urgently !

No. 30 : Skip Beat

manga skip beat

Yoshiki Nakamura tells us the story of Kyoko, a generous young girl betrayed by her childhood friend who became famous because of her. She will then have to rise to the rank of star in turn to fulfill her revenge. Released in 2002, this hilarious and suspenseful shojo now has 46 albums.

No. 29 : A Silent Voice

manga a silent voice

Published in 2013, this manga is a shonen imagined by Yoshitoki Ōima. The story is about a young girl who is deaf and persecuted by her classmates, who meets a boy. This work, which speaks of the difficulty of forgiveness, disability and social relationships with great sensitivity will appeal to readers in search of emotions.

No. 28 : Sword Art Online

manga Sword Art Online

SAO (2012) is a shonen manga based on the light novel by Reki Kawahara. In 2022, Kirito finds himself trapped inside a virtual reality video game. He will have to complete the game to escape unscathed. The futuristic look and gaming world will enchant geeky readers for sure !

No. 27 : One Punch Man

manga One Punch Man

One Punch man is an online manga, created by One in 2009 before being illustrated by cartoonist Yusuke Murata. Saitama is a sad man until he decides to become a superhero. Since 20012, the saga now has 25 volumes. Since its release, this humor-filled series has been a great success. It will delight fans of biting irony.

No. 26 : Nana

manga Nana

This shojo manga imagined by Ai Yazawa is a real treat for music and romance lovers. Nana is a manga series compiled in 21 volumes that tells the story of the friendship between two very different girls whose destinies will cross. This manga deals with emotional dependence, love and the complexity of relationships through touching characters.

No. 25 :  Inuyasha

manga Inuyasha

In the Adventure & Fantasy genre, Inuyasha is a shonen written and drawn by the famous Rumiko Takahashi. Particularly popular in Japan, this manga published in 1997 has no less than 56 volumes today. It tells the adventures of a young high school girl who travels back in time to the era of feudal Japan and meets a strange demon half human half dog.


No. 24: Great Teacher Onizuka

manga Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO (1997) is a shonen manga imagined by Toru Fujisawa that includes a 25-volume collection. A teacher with a questionable past goes to soften a famously difficult class with his unusual methods. In addition to being particularly funny, GTO deals with deeper topics such as social integration or family problems in underprivileged environments.

No. 23 : Erased

manga Erased

Released in  2012, Erased is an 8 volume seinen written and drawn by Key Sanbe. A mangaka struggling to launch his career has a surprising gift that allows him to go back in time before a tragedy occurs. Erased and its unbearable suspense will have thriller fans hooked.

No. 22 : Devilman

manga Devilman

This old shonen manga from 1972 was recently adapted into an animated series under the name Devilman Crybaby (released by Netflix). A young boy transforms into a demon to stop his last few from taking over the world. The hard-hitting work of the great Go Nagai, father of Goldorak, breathes terror (and violence) without having lost its vintage charm.

No. 21 : Black Butler

manga Black Butler

Released in 2006, this shonen by Yann Toboso tells through breathtaking drawings the story of a young 12-year-old aristocrat living in a mansion with her servants. This manga, which oscillates between drama, detective and supernatural, is a dark work intended for teens over 14 and adults.

No. 20 : Air Gear

manga Air Gear

Air Gear is a shonen manga created by Ogure Ito. This manga prepublished in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2002 and then adapted into an anime in 2006 by Toei Animation has a series of 37 volumes. Ikki is part of a group of riders defying all gravity, surrounded by his 4 friends, he will fight formidable opponents. A mixture of sport, romance and action interspersed with humor that will appeal to rollerblading fans.

No. 19 : Full Metal Alchemist

manga Full Metal Alchemist

This cult manga by Hiromu Arakawa released in 2001 tells the story of two brothers ready to do anything to bring back their dead mother. To achieve their ends, they will use alchemy, but the experiment turns into a fiasco. FMA is a shonen that is both complex and full of twists and turns that will enchant fans of adventure and fantasy worlds.

No. 18 : Beastars

manga Beastars

Beastars is a work by Paru Itagaki published in 2016 that addresses themes of conflict and human relationships through animal characters. A true allegory of society, Beastars is a must-read shonen for those who like to laugh and think.

No. 17 : Ascendance of a Bookworm

manga Ascendance of a Bookworm

This 2013 web series edited as a light novel and then adapted into a manga under the name ” The Little Bookworm “, tells the life of Urano Motosu, a young girl with a passion for reading, who following a terrible accident is reincarnated in the skin of a little girl of the medieval era. Deprived of a book, she does not let herself down. This shojo by Miya Kazuki is an original isekai that will delight book lovers.

No. 16 : Seven Deadly Sins

manga Seven Deadly Sins

This 41-volume shonen manga is a little gem by Nakaba Susuki released in 2012 and adapted into an animated series. The episodes of the fourth season are streaming today on Netflix. The story is about a young girl who tries to find 7 legendary knights to save the kingdom. A fantastic story full of adventure with beautiful drawings.

No. 15 : Promised Neverland

manga Promised Neverland

Promised Neverland (2016) combines Kaiu Shirai’s well-crafted storyline with Demizu Posuka’s remarkable graphic style. The shonen chronicles the adventures of two endangered orphans and their frantic struggle to survive in a dark, fantastical world. This nugget has something to delight teens looking for action.

💡 Shonen, shojo, seinen… Each of these Japanese terms designates a type of manga. This classification is done both according to the age of the readership and according to the literary genre (action, romance, fantasy…). To learn more, quickly discover which type of manga is right for you!

No. 14 : Moriarty the Patriot

manga Moriarty the Patriot

This manga series that appeared in 2016 and was imagined by Ryōsuke Takeuchi will delight fans of Sherlok Holmes. Under the features of Hikaru Miyoshi, Moriarty embarks us in 19th century London in a mysterious universe. Within a family of aristocrats, Albert adopts two orphans … a story where conspiracies are mixed with the dream of a better society.

No. 13 : Fairy Tail

manga Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail (2006) is a successful manga by Hiro Mashima that collects 63 volumes, 328 episodes, two animated films and several OVAs. While trying to join the largest magic guilds, Lucy finds herself trapped. On the program a good dose of magic, adventure, spirits and characters quite bluff. Fairy Tail and its magical world will enchant fans of magic.

No. 12: Dr. Stone

manga Dr Stone

Dr. Stone is a post apocalyptic manga conceived by Japanese screenwriter Riichiro Ingaki and talented cartoonist Boichi. Released in 2017 in the pre-publication magazine that launched Dragon Ball, this manga is a hit. A high school student wakes up in a completely fossilized world. With the help of his friend Senku, he will rebuild humanity.

No. 11: Bleach

Bleach manga

With a collection of 74 volumes, this manga series by Tite Kubo that appeared in 2002 has not finished delighting shonen fans. Bleach is the story of an ordinary-looking teenager who becomes a demon hunter. With 120 million volumes sold, it is one of the manga hits.

No. 10: Death Note

manga Death Note

Death Note (2003) is a shonen manga by Tsugumi Oba, illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The comic tells the story of a young man who finds a notebook with a strange power… that of causing death. This mix of thriller and fantasy offers an absolutely gripping plot. For fans of crime manga.

No. 9 : Berserk

manga Berserk

Berserk (1990) is a seinen created by Kentaro Miura that immerses us in a fantasy universe in the medieval era. Follow the adventures of Guts, a warrior attached to a mercenary troop, determined to regain his freedom. This manga with a remarkable graphic style, will delight adult fans of dark fantasy.

No. 8: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

This manga released in 1986 is a masterpiece by Hirohiki Araki who has a huge fan base in Japan. Jojo comes from a noble English family. While his adoptive brother tries to steal his inheritance, he will do everything to prevent it. With 98 volumes, the saga makes us travel through the world and the times. We find ourselves in totally different universes through the heroes of Jojo’s lineage. This shonen will appeal to fans of strategic battles.

No. 7: Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japan, the shonen by Koyoharu Gotōg, tells the story of a young merchant who tries to save his little sister who has been turned into a demon. With over 150 million printings, Demon Slayer is one of the best-selling manga in the world. A classic shonen with an original graphic style, a must read.

No. 6: Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball manga

It’s impossible not to remember Dragon Ball, the cult manga by Akira Toriyama that has marked several generations since 1984. This shonen tells the story of Son Goku, a little boy endowed with legendary strength, in search of 7 crystal balls capable of granting any wish once gathered. With the help of his friends, he will fight many opponents. A true phenomenon, Dragon Ball is the best-selling manga in the world just after the indisputable One Piece. Moreover, it is ranked 3rd best manga of all time in Japan.

No. 5 : My Hero Academia

This manga by Koshei Horikoshi, released in 2014 plunges us into the fantastic universe of superheroes through the character of Izuku Midoriya. A blend of Japanese culture and American comics that will appeal to fans of heroic battles.

No. 4: Hunter X Hunter

This shonen by Yoshihiro Togashi is among the best Japanese manga. Pre-published in 1998, it includes 36 volumes today. Gon dreams of becoming a hunter like his father. This distinction reserved for the elite requires passing an extremely selective and dangerous annual exam. The suspense is terrible !

No. 3 : Naruto

With more than 250 million copies sold, Naruto is one of the Top 3 best manga. The shonen created by Masashi Kishimoto meets a remarkable success soon after its release in 1999. With its 72 albums, the adventures of the orphan ninja with a mischievous character will delight many teenagers and nostalgic adults.

No. 2 : One piece

This mythical manga born in 1997 is undoubtedly the most famous in the world. With more than 480 million this shonen signed Eiichirō Oda is the best-selling in the history of manga. Compiled in 98 volumes, the story of the pirate Luffy and his crew beats all records of Japanese comics !

No. 1 : Attack of the Titans

Hajime Isayama’s work is absolutely grand. The mangaka takes us to the heart of a city entirely protected by ramparts in a world ravaged by Titans, gigantic creatures that destroy humanity. A breathtaking plot, punctuated by scenes of horror, feelings and notes of hope. It is an urgent discovery ! Attack on titan is a timeless monument of the genre and will live on forever as one of the big names !

If you’re a fan of Japanese comics and haven’t read these manga yet, it’s time to get started. Besides, you’ve probably already devoured a few ? So, which is your favorite manga ?

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